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Print size: 18" x 24″ Seven-color screenprint on 100# French Construction pure white stock. Each print is hand signed & numbered.
Two colorways: "Lush" (full color coral) and "Bleached" (bleached out white coral)
Three versions of each colorway available (shown in order):

Regular edition: seven colors.
"Lush" (full color coral): edition of 150. ONLY 18 AVAILABLE: $75 each.
"Bleached" (bleached coral): edition of 125: ONLY 18 AVAILABLE: $100 each.

Deluxe edition: nine colors, including glow-in-the-dark and spot gloss glitter flake.
"Lush" (full color coral): edition of 75. ONLY 9 AVAILABLE: $135 each.
"Bleached" (bleached coral) edition of 65: ONLY 9 AVAILABLE: $150 each.

Hand Embellished edition: uniquely hand-embellished versions of Regular edition with acrylic, gold leaf and spot varnish. EXTREMELY limited.
"Lush" (full color coral): edition of 5. $300 each.
"Bleached" (bleached coral) edition of 5. $300 each.

Limit one hand embellished print per purchase.

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