• Image of "Overgrown Mind" art cards
  • Image of "Overgrown Mind" art cards
  • Image of "Overgrown Mind" art cards
  • Image of "Overgrown Mind" art cards
  • Image of "Overgrown Mind" art cards

Musings, anxieties and overthinking from the installation at my "Overgrowth" show a few years ago at Last Rites Gallery.
I made dozens of these little cards and pinned them all to the wall and connected them all with red thread, wrapped in and around the paintings.

They're made with collaged papers onto random stocks and chipboard, gessoed, with ink wash and acrylic and hand lettered with the thoughts and anxieties drifting through my head during the year of the show.
Each one will be signed on the back.

The sizes vary, from 2.5" x 3" up to around 5.5" x 7."
Totally random, which is how they'll come.
These will be "blindboxed" so you won't know which one you'll be getting.
This will hopefully encourage trading, and also letting go of some of the control we so desperately cling to.

About 75 small original paintings.
Pocket sized little pieces of my brain available for $50 each.
Take care of yourself!

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