• Image of Willy's Revenge - Hand Embellished (HE) Prints

Dimensions variable from 18" x 24" - prints are modified with hand trimmed edges.
Each print is hand signed & numbered.
Each print is uniquely hand-embellished with inks and acrylics.
Four colorways available on 100# Cougar Natural off-white stock.

Midnight (Blue and Red) HE:
Limited edition of 7: ONLY 3 LEFT: $300 each.

Eclipse (Purple and Orange) HE:
Limited edition of 6: ONLY 2 LEFT: $300 each.

Briny Deep (Green and Teal) HE:
Limited edition of 5: ONLY 3 LEFT: $300 each.

Treasure Map (Monotone Browns) HE:
Limited edition of 10: ONLY 5 LEFT: $250 each.

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